Cot circular tip spiro segmentat cu garnitura la 30⁰ din otel galvanizat 0.6 – 1 mm cu diametrul cuprins 100 – 1250 mm

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CERTIFIED product with tightness class D tested at a maximum pressure of 1400 Pa.

The segmented circular bend with sealing gaskets (EPDM) is made of two segments and meets the requirements of EN 12237.

Product Code: CCSG30

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The 30 ° segmented circular bend with gasket is used to change the direction in the piping sections, in the ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Material: Galvanized steel

Gaskets (EPDM) resistant to temperatures between -51 ° C and 148.9 ° C and pressures between 7 and 21 MPa. Also resistant to abrasive wear, liquids, acids, steam, oils, hydrocarbons and petroleum products.

It can be made in any size, with diameters between 100mm-1250mm.

Depending on the diameter of the pipe in which it is mounted, the thickness of the steel varies. The weight of the product is approximate. More details can be found in the data sheet.

Other information: The parts can be made both with and without the sealing gasket. In the case of parts without gasket, the tightness requirements are no longer met.

Compatible accessories

Joint socket (code: MC), Gripple sockets, Circular tube (code: TC)

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